South Indian coconut kedgeree

IEnjoyedThat Score: 8/10

Well. It’s a good job this tasted half decent because this took absolutely ages to pull together. Don’t know if that was me just being slow but it’s certainly not one for the “quick tea” list.

It’s a classic Jamie ‘why use one ingredient when I can use five’ sort of recipe.  Having started off making what he calls a temper (which I now understand is tadka, the heating of whole or ground spices in oil before adding to a dish) we then add several dollops of curry paste to the mix. To me this seems to mask all of the original flavours you’ve spent ages working on.

Ingredients prepared and ready to go

However, after all the prep, getting the dish together wasn’t too long and, as I say, it actually tasted pretty good. Nicely spicy without overwhelming the mackerel. Be warned though… we made the recipe quantity for 2 but easily had enough for four people! So make sure you’ve got freezer space.


This runs over several pages in the magazine unfortunately. We also didn’t have seventeen food stylists working on our presentation…




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